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With Skype you can speak to anyone in the world for free. Invite friends to join Skype and you can chat and share files with them. Talk face-to-face with friends, family and colleagues. Share a smile, blow a kiss, explain an idea or just gaze longingly – free video calls with Skype are the next best thing to being there.

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With more than 350 million registered users, Skype is the most popular voice communication service in the world. Skype is one of the pioneers in voice communication over the Internet, and many other applications and services have followed suit, many outweighing Skype in features and quality, but what makes Skype top all lists of VoIP software is its popularity. The Skype service comes with an application software, which is why many people think of Skype as being only a software, overlooking the great service behind. Skype has broken many barriers to communication. While in the past you needed to take particular care of the minutes and seconds you spend speaking on international calls, you no longer need to bother about that now. If you use Skype to make PC to PC communication, you pay nothing more than the monthly Internet service, which you would anyway have paid without Skype.